Friday, January 8, 2016

Notes Towards a Manifesto

Form is the new essence.

Form and formlessness constitute a non-relation. Form alone brings about the breakdown of form, through its own necessary and formal entailment. Just as a new proposition is derived, so is the very breakdown of intelligibility.

We need a new Wissenschaft der Logik. Something which reunites speculative reason with the recent advances of formal ontology. But since thought is generic, we will need speculative imagination too.

There are formless "things" and things which are only form, and sometimes the two are indiscernible.

Our goal, then, will be en-forming the formless. But in delicate matters such as this, one cannot lead head first with the light. Paths must be followed, debts paid. Thought must enter the darkness, grapple with the unthinkable, and emerge victorious on the other side. Or perhaps it must learn to see in the dark.

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